G.D. Cornish Trucking ltd.




Commitment to Safety

G.D. Cornish Trucking Ltd has been a continuous holder of Energy Safety Canada's Small Employer Certificate of Recognition, also known as SECOR, since 2004.

We all want to have a safe and healthy workplace and to do this we need everybody’s participation. It is our position that most incidents, accidents and injuries are preventable with proper training and a positive attitude toward safety.

Of primary importance to G.D. Cornish Trucking Ltd. is the health and safety of every employee, subcontractor and visitor and, a respect for the environment. To this end, each individual has a personal and vital responsibility to contribute to safe work performance, to maintain high safety standards, to promote positive attitudes toward safety and health within our organization, and to comply with all Government regulations which are applicable to our company. It is our full intention to practice due diligence in all our affairs.

It is management’s responsibility and commitment to develop, provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace and working environment. It is also management’s responsibility to develop and maintain an effective Health and Safety Management Program and to make it available to all its employees, subcontractors and visitors.

Management is responsible for ensuring that their workers are qualified and trained in approved safe work procedures to obtain optimal output without accidents and injuries, and to make certain that workers follow safe work procedures and all related company, industry, provincial and federal regulations, where applicable.

All personnel are required to support the Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Program and make health and safety a part of their daily routine.

All personnel are also required to follow safe work procedures and all relevant regulations.

All employees will be held accountable for implementing this program. All applicable laws and regulations are incorporated in this program as minimum standards.